Bluefish (Pomatomus saltatrix)
Watercolor and colored pencil

Bluefish are the only surviving genus and species from the Pomatomidae family of fish. They belong to the Perciforme, or “Perch-like” order of fishes, which is one of the largest vertebrate orders, containing over %40 of all bony fishes and over 10,000 species. Bluefish inhabit coastal and oceanic waters, but seem to prefer clean, high energy waters, such as those with surf or around rocky outcroppings. This makes them a popular sport fish and they can often be found in schools pursuing smaller fish. Displays of shorebirds’ feeding frenzies are a sign that bluefish may be cruising below the surface, as the birds will be attracted to the activity and the aftermath of bluefish attacks. They sometimes bite when caught, which can be unpleasant due to their aggressive tendencies and sharp teeth.
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