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Educational flyer for the Bee Palace, a garden nesting home for solitary bees,
(Hampshire, UK)
Sea slug escape mechanism
Cover, Biological Bulletinm (Woods Hole, MA)
Concept Illustration for Annual Report: neuronal network showing the connectivity of disciplines at the Institute for Life Science (U. of Southampton, UK).

Logo and icons for the Encyclopedia of Life LifeDesks. "LifeDesks are dynamic web environments that make the online management and sharing of biodiversity research easier than ever."

BioPedia logo
Biopedia: A communal repository for descriptions of organisms
Pharmabase logo 
An open content resource linking physiology with pharmacology
Cuttlefish camouflage patterns
Client: Roger Hanlon, Marine Biological Lab
Cycling of toxins in the oceans
Client/ pub: Ocean Alliance. For publication describing 5 year 'Voyage of the Odyssey'. led by Roger Payne and Iain Kerr. Pub designed by RavenMark.

Soil fauna and pub. Samples
Client/ pub: Wolfe, David W. 2001. Tales from the Underground: A Natural History of Subterranean Life, Perseus Books, 221 pp.

Cuttlefish camouflage patterns
Client: Roger Hanlon, Marine Biological Lab
Drosophilia genetics
Client/pub: Schwartz, J. 2010 In Pursuit of the Gene, From Darwin to DNA.
Harvard University Press, 384 pp.

Logo design, 2011 ASMFC Annual Meeting
Symbiosis in lichen and coral
Client/pub: Saffo, M.B. 2006. Symbiosis: The way of all life. From J. Seckbach (eds), Life as We Know It, Springer
Red Lily Pond restoration plan
Client: John Todd Ecological Design (JTED)

The following images were done for the BioCurrents Research Center, Woods Hole, MA. Technique: Adobe Illustrator

TCA Cycle

Beta Cell

Insulin release from a cell

Self- referencing
electrode measurement

Fluid mosaic model of
cellular membrane

Measuring a gradient at
the cell membrane

Insulin release: pathway 1

Insulin release: pathway 2

Insulin release: pathway 3


Electrode tips

General animal cell
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