Fish and Sea Creatures

Brown Trout

Blue Crab


Deep Blue Chromis
Featured in the EoL

Northern Lobster


Northern Seahorse

Dungeness Crab

Northern Octopus

Nassau Grouper

Horseshoe Crab

Yellowfin Tuna

Red Snapper

Yellow Snapper


Northern Moonsnail

Bay Scallop

Circle of Shells

Common Cuttlefish

Smooth Dogfish

Striped Bass

Knobbed Whelk

Australian Cuttlefish

Channelled Whelk

Mahi Mahi

Arctic Char

Picasso Triggerfish

Atlantic Cod

Clown Anemone Fish

Hawaiian Green Turtle

Long-finned Squid

Great White Shark

False Albacore

Rock Shrimp

Golden Tileflish

Cod Larvae

Chinook Salmon

Harbor Seal

Dover Sole

Horseshoe Crabs Mating

Cafeteria roenbergensis
(singled celled flagellate)
Featured in the EoL

Pacific Halibut

Sperm Whale

Black Sea Bream

Sea Slug escaping Seastar


Alexandrium fundyense
(causes "Red Tide" algal blooms)
Featured in the EoL

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