Welcome to Eden Art! I am a natural science illustrator specializing in descriptive species portaits and the communication of scientific concepts through visuals. I bring an academic background in biology and 20 years of experience with a range of clients and projects to my work. My aim is to illuminate the beauty of the natural world and to inspire the protection of species and ecosystems. Many images are available as high quality reproductions (see gallery sites). Please enjoy perusing the images here and feel free to contact me with questions or comments. I am currently available for contract work and commissions. Thank you for your visit!

Niger Giraffe


Red Admiral ButterflyRed Admiral Butterfly

Short-eared Owl

Peacock Butterfly

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Concept Illustration from Annual Report: neuronal network showing the connectivity of disciplines at the Institute for Life Science (U. of Southampton, UK).
Osteological drawing of cervical vertebra produced for publication of Giant short-necked Transylvanian pterosaurs. Gareth Dyke, et al. (from draft)
Cover Illustration for The Biological Bulletin, focusing on Blue Crab biology. Educational handout for the conservation oriented Bee Palace, a nesting home for solitary bees in the garden. Developed by Nick Edmond and Duncan Green, Hampshire, UK.

Logo design for Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries, Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission Meeting, Boston .
Logo and icons for the Encyclopedia of Life LifeDesks. LifeDesks are dynamic web environments that make the online management and sharing of biodiversity research easier than ever.

Dungeness Crab Print featured in House Beautiful Magazine. Living room design by Lindsay Reid. Order Print >>


Encyclopedia of Life Smithsonian
TEDx Woods Hole Marine Biological
Winchester Cathedral

"Whenever we try to isolate anything in nature, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe."  -- John Muir

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