Happy New Year! ✨🐟 ✨ 2022 #SundayFishSketch Collection



Happy 2023! To help celebrate the new year, here is a collection of my 2022 posts from #SundayFishSketch, a fabulous fishy group of fish illustrators, enthusiasts and researchers, initiated and organized by @lampichthys on Twitter (posts are also on IG). Each week is based around a theme, anything from fish who work hard to luminous fish to fish with tiny eyes. The theme is given on Friday and the posts are made on Sunday- check out this fantastic group at #SundayFishSketch. And feel free to follow me on IG or Twitter at @edenart33 for more. Wishing you a creative, healthy and happy New Year!

Thank you and Enjoy!


Rose-veiled fairy wrasse, Illustration by Tamara Clark

1 January, 2023
Happy 2023
#Sundayfishsketch & all! A retweet w a lucky Rose-veiled fairy wrasse from the Maldives for the 'fish discovered in 2022' theme. Wishing you a lucky #newyear w plenty of rainbows!

Thnx for all the inspiration  #HappyNewYear2023 #sciart #newspecies #conservation




Muskie, Illustration by Tamara Clark

5 December, 2022
The marvelous muskie, mystery fish for #25DaysofFishmas day for puzzle and #SundayFishSketch crossover theme. The name muskellunge comes from the Ojibwa for “ugly pike” .

The also descriptive French common name is masquinongé or “elongated mask”. #sciart #fishmas #fishsketch


Whale Shark, Illustration by Tamara Clark

28 November
The wondrous Whale Shark, largest fish in the sea, for
#SundayFishSketch tiny eyes theme.

#endangered gentle giant can reach 40 feet tho its diet consists of tiny things such as plankton, shrimp and small fish.

#sciart #conservation



Freshwater stingray, illustration by Tamara Clark

20 November
#SundayFishSketch adaptation theme. Freshwater stingrays, like other flatfishes, can blend in to surroundings while watching for prey w dorsally oriented eyes. #sciart

I plan to stay but/and you can also find me on IG @edenart33 & tamaraclark.com. Thnx 🐟 friends! 💙



Autumnus leafii, Illustration by Tamara Clark

13 November
New fish species: Autumnus leafii.
#SundayFishSketch fall colors #fishytheme. An elusive and somewhat terrestrial creature, frequenting fields and forests during autumn months. #leafart #funwithfoliage



Yaqui catfish, Illustration by Tamara Clark

6 November 
Yaqui catfish for #SundayFishSketch moustached fish theme for #Movember. Endemic to parts of Arizona and Mexico, this living fossil evolved 2 million years ago but is now threatened with extinction.

#sciart #endangeredspecies #conservation #desertfish



Opah 2022, Illustration by Tamara Clark

23 October
Happy birthday #SundayFishSketch ! And happy Opah-versary! Thanks for the fantastic fishy inspiration @Lampichthys ! and to the wonderful artists and fish fans for making this such a great place to visit every Sunday 🐟💙

 #sciart #sciviz #fishart #opah



Lionfish, Illustration by Tamara Clark

17 October
The visually fantastic but widely invasive Lionfish, also known as Turkeyfish due to its flamboyant, fanning fins and venomous spines.
#SundayFishSketch and #inktober crossover theme, “fowl”.

#sciartober #illustraInk #sciart; fish prompt



#SundayFishSketch Luminescent theme. Deep sea anglerfish & viperfish, a meeting of luminaries…
Coelocanth, Illustration by Tamara Clark
 #SundayFishSketch and #SciartSeptember crossover theme, petrified. In progress.
The ancient and modern coelacanth, a fish frozen in time #sciart #livingfossil
Mudskipper, Illustration by Tamara Clark
19 September
#SciartSeptember and 
#SundayFishSketch crossover theme, “divided” The amphibious mudskipper can divide its time between land and water- able to crawl, skip and dance on surrounding mudflats when not in its underwater burrow. #sciart #fishart #procreateart
Bluehead wrasse, Illustration by Tamara Clark
11 September
#SundayFishSketch and #SciartSeptember, day 11, hoax. Bluehead Wrasse all start life as female, with some transitioning to male while appearing female and participating in group spawning. The largest female can become the “super male” if there are no other males.
#sciart #sciviz

Mackerel, Illustration by Tamara Clark
5 September
A young Atlantic mackerel for #SundayFishSketch & #SciArtSeptember (hard working & schooling prompts). This fast moving species must stay active to keep up oxygen flow. It often forms schools or shoals for protection & as a feeding strategy. Happy #LaborDay ! #sciart #procreateart

Lionfish larva, Illustration by Tamara Clark

Flashy lionfish larva for
#SundayFishSketch big fins theme. Though beautiful, they will grow to be highly invasive & destructive to Atlantic reef ecosystems due to their venomous spines, voracious appetites and high spawning & dispersal rates. #sciart #sciviz #procreateart
The rather charming Balloon Lumpfish for yesterday’s #SundayFishSketch , movie fish theme. These cuties are similar to the main fishy character in Studio Ghibli’s Ponyo . Fun theme to come back to after some challenging months. #fishart #procreateart #sciart

Red Snapper, Illustration by Tamara Clark

8 May
Red snapper, also known as huachinango or pargo in Latin America, for
#SundayFishSketch fishes of Mexico theme. This long lived fish can grow to 50 lbs and is found as deep as 300 ft, often in groups around reefs or oil drilling platforms #CincodeMayo #sciart #fishart
Wrasse and Rabbitfish, Illustration by Tamara Clark, Twitter link
3 May
A busy bluestreak cleaner wrasse removing parasites from a coral rabbitfish for #SundayFishSketch hard working fish theme. It seems these charmers do a type of dance to attract and calm the larger reef fish that come through their cleaning stations. #sciart #fishart #symbiosis

#earthday #SundayFishSketch, Sturgeon are one of the most critically endangered groups on the planet (IUCN). Common sturgeon, once widespread in U.K. rivers, are known as royal fish, becoming property of the monarch if caught. #conservation has helped some species. #sciart 
Halibut illustration by Tamara Clark17 April
In honour of punday
#SundayFishSketch, here's my Hippoglossus stenolepsis, just for the halibut... Fun fact: they tend to migrate in clockwise direction, from shallow feeding to deeper spawning grounds. Happy Birthday & best fishes
@Lampichthys !

Yellow Snapper, Illustration by Tamara Clark
6 March
The Yellowtail Snapper (Ocyurus chrysurus) for
#SundayFishSketch blue & yellow theme. These bright beauties can be seen in & near reefs in Atlantic waters.  #sciart #makeartnotwar
Giant Sea Bass
3 March
Hi #GetYourArtUnderwater ! Thanks for sharing your lovely watery art. Here’s some of mine. I am an illustrator of fishes & other things biological, also exploring geometric art. This kelp forest grew from a giant sea bass image for #SundayFishSketch . #sciart #WorldWildlifeDay

Flying Fish, Illustration by Tamara Clark21 February
#SundayFishSketch fantastic flying fish theme. The flying fish constellation, Piscis Volans (now Volans), was named in the late 1500s by Dutch navigators PD Keyser and F de Houtman. Happy
#Pisces season, fishy friends!  #fishart #sciart #procreateart


Arowana, Illustration by Tamara Clark7 February
Coming in with a gold (ish) and silver (ish)…colour varieties of the elegant, endangered Asian arowana- also known as dragon fish- for
#SundayFishSketch excellent Olympic battling fishes theme. #fishbowl #procreateart #sciart

Smooth Dogfish, Illustration by Tamara Clark
30 January
Smooth dogfish for #SundayFishSketch favourite shark theme. A fav commission and critter from time at the MBL, Woods Hole. I would sometimes visit them at their tanks where they’d venture up seemingly for a nose tickle and back scratch. #sciart #fishsketch
Bonnethead Shark, Illustration by Tamara Clark 10 January
A bonnethead shark & close up of its skin for #SundayFishSketch , biomechanical adaptation theme. The denticles of shark skin are believed to reduce drag, & their form & function are utilised in construction of some underwater coatings. #sciart #fishsketch #biomimicry #procreate

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