A #SciArt Selection 🍁🍂🍃

As an artist I find social media to be everything from motivating and productive to frustrating and a necessary evil. But one of the nicest bits is being able to enjoy and share creations from within a solitary work space with others in theirs. These cooling autumn days seem to bring a slew of topics for visual artists to ponder as we wind down from active summers and settle in to drawing & painting in our respective nooks. From Inktober to A Drawing a Day, topics might revolve around a theme or a technique and it's a great way to spark new ideas, share images and be inspired by fellow artists in a similar niche. I could only post sporadically this year but it's always fun to play. Here is a highlight from some the posts & images I produced for two of my favorite fall art challenges;  #SciArtSeptember, formulated by excellent sci-artists @LizLagomorph and @FlyingTrilobite and #SciArtober, hosted by the fantastic Guild of Natural Science Illustrators (@GNSIorg). Prompts were sometimes combined with the delightfully fishy #SundayFishSketch, created by @lampichthys, which made it that much more challenging and fun to dive into. I highly recommend having a browse through the above hashtags & handles as well to see more amazing #SciArt!

Pufferfish Illustration by Tamara Clark

The white-spotted pufferfish and his magnificent sand mandala. It takes the industrious 5 inch male 7-9 days to complete a 7 ft circular design which it will use to attract a mate and during courtship & egg laying/fertilization. 🐟 💙 #SciArtSeptember is here again! Excellent #sciart prompts hosted by @lizlagomorph and @flyingtrilobite. This is from Sunday's: #favorite - a combo theme with #SundayFishSketch . This fascinating #fish wins as my #favourite because he is such an artist and well... #circles.

Rainbow Boa Illustration by Tamara Clark

A Brazilian rainbow boa with its charmingly iridescent sheen for #sciartseptember #coldblooded prompt. This climbing, arboreal constrictor, native to Central and South America, also works well for “strangling” and “understory”. And “heart “ because I ❤️
snakes 🐍 🌈

Leafy Seadragon Illustration by Tamara Clark, Eden ArtA leafy seadragon and his lovely, fluttery fins for #SundayFishSketch and #SciArtSeptember combo prompt: #gossamer. Seahorses and seadragons both have horse- like heads & necks and curling tails...But seadragons tend to be larger and more colourful, with their flowy, leafy appendages providing camouflage and protection in their kelp-y habitats. There are about 50 types of of seahorses, found around the world, and only 3 known seadragon species (Common, Leafy and Ruby), all found near Australia. 

Pink- spotted hawkmoth illustration by Tamara Clark
A pink- spotted hawkmoth for recent #SciArtSeptember prompts #bird-like, #carmine and #ochre. Been enjoying combining themes and had a pretty #sweet afternoon in the New Forest working on this lovely local species too so could add that to the list...

Picasso Triggerfish Illustration by Tamara Clark, Eden Art
A Picasso Triggerfish for
#SundayFishSketch and #SciArtSeptember combo #abstract prompt. The vibrantly marked Rhinecanthus is the Hawaiian state fish, also known as as Humuhumunukunukuapua’a, meaning “snout like a pig”.

Pilot Fish and SUn God Ra Illustration by Tamara Clark
 In ancient Egypt, two sacred pilot fish would have protected the sun god Ra during his nightly journey through the underworld- shepherding his solar barge to sunrise each day, a sun reborn ☀️ 🐟 Was inspired to do something a bit different for a #SundayFishSketch #SciArtSeptember combo prompt, #reborn ☀️. Works well for @gnsiorg #Sciartober 's #stripes too.

False Albacore Illustration by Tamara Clark, Eden Art
A shimmery False Albacore for recent
#SundayFishSketch and #SciArtSeptember combo metallic theme. Like other tunas, the "little tunny" has a silvery, reflective body, helping it to confuse potential predators. #sciart #fishart

Juvenile Opah Illustration by Tamara ClarkHappy lucky 7th anniversary #SundayFishSketch!! Thank you
for forming such a fab fishy faction of fans of fantastic #fishart! . For this year’s Opah, I’m attempting a young one to combine with #SciArtober ‘s juvenile prompt. #sciart

Ghostfish Illustration by Tamara Clark, Eden ArtCatching up with recent #SundayFishSketch sand dwellers meets #Sciartober transparent. Not an exact fit but this deep sea ‘ghost fish’ could overlap both and is spooky enough for #Halloween! These fascinating cusk eel relatives have been observed at 8,200 ft in the Marianas Trench from #NOAA ship, Okeanos Explorer. #sciart #happyhalloween 👻 🐟

Hagfish Illustration by Tamara Clark, Eden Art
The eel-ish Hagfish for
#SundayFishSketch #Halloween & #Sciartober #slimy theme. This jawless vertebrate has a cartilaginous skull but no skeleton. It can produce abundant slime to protect itself/escape from predators and can sneeze & tie itself in a knot to avoid  swallowing a face full itself. #sciart

Happy SciArt and Happy Autumn! 
Tamara 🌸