Dance of Mercury ­čĺź


A glimpse of the dance of Mercury- closest planet to the sun, in celebration of summer. During one elliptical orbit, this smallest of our planetary neighbors, "kisses" earth three times, bringing a lovely 3-fold symmetry into its 88 (earth) day year. Shown in gold is one cycle of Mercury's dance, with the geometric pattern used to build the design in the background. This lovely trefoil can be seen in many sacred symbols, such as the mischievous hare, another archetype of madness and creation.


Mercury or Hermes, Tamara Clark

Mercury, or Hermes in Greek, winged messenger of the gods, son of Zeus and Maia, is a known trickster. Eloquent and cunning, he is told to have killed a tortoise when he was a day old, combining it with reeds to make the first lyre. He gifted the stringed instrument to Apollo, appeasing him after stealing his herd of cattle- his first act of trickery. He is also credited in myth with creating fire, dice and the alphabet. Hermes is one of the only gods able to travel between human and celestial realms, so is aptly considered patron to travelers and protector of places. Intertwining snakes on his staff or helmet give him access to multiple dimensions and are used today as a symbol for medicine. His capricious cleverness aids in his role as translator and shepherd of souls to the land of the dead. Mercury rules Gemini, mutable sign of communication and ideas, first sign of summer.

Mercury sketch, Tamara Clark

The featured image above evolved from a recent magical course I was lucky to attend at Avebury henge with Daniel Docherty of @sacredartofgeometry. A master geometer in the John Michell tradition, Daniel deftly walked us through the symbolism and myth of our mercurial neighbor- illuminating the connections with the henge itself and leading us through the creation of several related astronomical patterns.  Like Mercury, Avebury is linked to three-ness, with its outer circle composed of around 99 stones, containing two smaller rings within.

Guest tutor Adam Tetlow further elevated the dicussion and diagrams until our heads were in the clouds! The marvelous Maria Wheatley then took us on a wisdom-packed tour of the stones, opening doorways of knowledge into the ancient geometries and rituals of this mystical landscape. 


Mercury WiP, Tamara Clark
Mercury WiP, Tamara Clark
Avebury stones, Tamara Clark

Happy Summer!! ­čî×­čîÇ Tamara ­čîŞ

Avebury stone, Tamara Clark