Eurasian Hoopoe (Upupo epops)


My latest work has followed a curiosity about nature’s forms and how they fit into its geometry. In this exploration, I delved into the distinctive hoopoe, relative of the ibis, found in physical and cultural landscapes throughout the world. A type of hornbill, this fascinating and adaptive bird is also a widespread cultural symbol and its majestic crest fits perfectly into a blooming flower of life pattern.

Perhaps in part due to their unique behaviours and characteristics, hoopoes have carried deep mythological significance for eons. Considered in many cultures to be the most royal of birds, they have been symbolic of hereditary power and succession in the Middle East and their depictions can be found lining tombs of temples of ancient Egypt, alongside ibis, night herons and blooming papyrus flowers...  Read the journal entry to find out more about the hypnotizing hoopoe!


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