Niger giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis peralta)


The Niger Giraffe, which ranges only in isolated pockets of West Africa, is the most endangered of the eight subspecies of giraffe and is distinguishable by its light-colored body spots, fading into pale legs. The last wild population had recently declined to only several dozen individuals, but is slowly increasing due to intense conservation efforts and collaboration with the native people of Niger who, though they value the survival of the Giraffe, also rely upon the same woody resources. A Niger Giraffe can ingest up to 165 pounds of leaves per day. Habitat loss from agricultural expansion also greatly affects this unique species, as it does so many others. Giraffes are one of only two species that still exist in the biological family Giraffidae, along with the unusual Okapi which inhabits the dense rainforests of the Congo.

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