Blue Crab

Blue Crab or Callinectus sapidus, from the greek for ‘beautiful swimmer’ can be found in the western Atlantic, from Nova Scotia to Argentina. Browse the shop for blue crab reproductions & gifts: cards, prints, mugs, pillows, bags, phone cases, t-shirts. Nature art by science illustrator & biologist Tamara Clark, Eden Art. Specializing in scientific illustrations, insect, fish, birds, reptile, invertebrate, biological, sustainably produced wildlife artwork & illustration. Globally available. %3 to Conservation.🌍
Visit portfolio page to learn about this marine invertebrate.

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    Blue Crab Phone Case
    from £15.48
    Blue Crab Unisex Short Sleeve T-Shirt
    Blue Crab Framed & Mounted Print
    from £35.01
    Blue Crab Framed Print
    from £31.82
    Blue Crab Eco Phone Case
    Blue Crab Cushion
    from £19.20
    Blue Crab Women's Favourite T-Shirt
    from £13.73
    Blue Crab Fine Art Print with Hanger
    from £18.00
    Blue Crab Hahnemühle German Etching Print
    from £12.64
    Blue Crab Hahnemühle Photo Rag Print
    from £12.64
    Blue Crab Framed Photo Tile
    from £12.00
    Blue Crab Greeting Card
    from £3.56
    Blue Crab Fine Art Print
    from £8.42
    Blue Crab Mug
    Blue Crab Canvas Tote Bag
    Blue Crab Notebook
    Blue Crab Placemat
    from £25.74
    Blue Crab Towel
    from £19.38
    Blue Crab Coaster
    from £9.90
    Blue Crab Tablet Cases
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